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OpenMP and P4 Optimizations

I was wondering when Compaq Visual Fortran will support Pentium 4 or Itanium optimizations as described in this document:

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Cant profile OpenMP code

When trying to profile some OpenMP code using "Intel Parallel Amplifier 2011 Update 1, (build 127928)", in Studio 2008, Windows XP 64,

I am getting.....

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OpenMP Tasks not working.


The following simple example does not work on my OS. I am evaluating the Parallel Studio.

The project properties have OpenMP enabled.

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erratic OpenMP behavior


I tried this thread on Vtune forum w/o much success.  This is driving us nuts so I'm hoping for some help in this forum:


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about OpenMP Critical

why?code1#include "stdafx.h"#include "omp.h"#define N 100000 int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[]){ int arx[N],ary[N];

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Simple matrix vector OpenMP problem

Consider the following very simple OpenMP program

#define n 5000double a[n][n], b[n], c[n];

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Parallel Inspector - OpenMP and MKL

When using Parallel Inspector to find Threading errors I stumbled over following (presumably) false Data race detection.

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OpenMP loops run not parallel


in our application we have some loops parallelized by OMP. Compiled with VC they run parallel, compiled with Intel compiler they don't.

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Intel OpenMP licensing and static linking

I am currently evaluating both the Linux and Windows versions of Parallel Studio XE for my company.

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Intel OpenMP 3.0 and TBB Task Scheduler

Dear Intel Experts,

I would like to know whether Intel OpenMP 3.0 task scheduler using work-stealing approach for dynamic load-balancing.

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