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producer/consumer form

The producer/consumer form of decomposition is getting increasingly popular in addition to Functional decomposition and data decomposition.

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Assembly Code Manual


May i know where can i get a complete assembly code manual that fully supported by 486 or 586 only....



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Is IT reviving?

The IT soap bubble finally burst. We heard all that and more. Is IT now showing signs of picking up? Do you feel that IT development is ready to begin a comeback.

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I understand that some operations are guaranteed to be always exact when their result is very small, but what exactly is the threshold of the result under which they become exact ?

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Wizards - Pros and cons.

When the tools marketed with names beginning with the word 'Visual' entered the world of programming a decade ago, it created a clutter in the world of software development.

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Hi everyone. I have a small question and wonder if I would get help here. How is instrumentation done in Intel Thread Checker?

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Speed up compile times.

Besides acquiring a faster processor, faster hard disks and more RAM, how can one speed up compile times?

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Gradual underflow, IEEE Exceptional handling

Dear Irena,

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4 way or 2 way Server

Maybe someone can point me in the right direction?We will be replacing an older Intel Server that serves 900 students and 100

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Compiling from source

What are the benefits of compiling your own software vis a vis using pre-compiled programs from a distribution?

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