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icc and openmp

Hello, I have a problem with using icc on a standard openmp function (omp_get_num_thread()). When I use it in parallel block, I have an error:

$ icc -openmp project.cpp -o project

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Compilation problem with ICPC + OpenMP...


I am currently testing a parallel code on the MTL and I have some problems with ICPC+OpenMP compilation.

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Gcc 4.4.3 now part of Manycore Testing Lab to support OpenMP v3.0

Gcc v4.4.3 has been added to the Manycore testing lab to support OpenMP version 3.0 that now includes tasks.

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MPI and SSE and searches

Does the MTL allow MPI yet ? I would like to try out my SSE based code and compare it to my openMP results, especially with the new 40 core upgrade.

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Seg fault with -O0 or -O1 flag but not with -O2 or -O3

I have a strange issue with an embarrasingly parallel code.When I run it with -O0 or -O1 optimization flags my code throws segfault. However, with -O2 or -O3 flag it runs just fine.

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Inconsistent Stream Bandwidth Measurements


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Thread thrashing ?

I have built a 64 bit program(gcc) with C using openmp. The program calculates matrix related results.

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Update: Getting Started Guide - Linux

Intel Manycore Testing Lab (MTL) - LinuxGetting Started GuideIntroductionWhat are the intended uses of the MTL?

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