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How to remove additional language codes in windows8 build?


I am building windows8 app with xdk windows8 build menu.

Built successfully and downloaded CordovaApp_1.0.4.0_AnyCPU.appxupload

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How to add multi-language support with appFramework

Dear support

How will you recommend that to add "multi-language" support with Intel appFramework library?

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[solved] How to detect system language for internationalization support?


I'm testing out Intel XDK and i want to know if there are any examples of detecting the system language to automatically change the language of my application?

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XDK build store windows

good morning 

I wonder if you can set a language other than English to send the application to the store windows.

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change settings Locale

Hello, how does change the language of the software? In the settings, the General

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Application default language


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Uploading app to Windows Store language problem


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How to provide application name with different language

I would like the specify different language on the application name so that when the device changed language. Our app name will show in proper language. Is it possible on XDK project?

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Globalization: Is there any plugin ou tutorial to create an APP multilingual?

I am trying to find a way to create an APP to be used in several languages. Is there any plugin or tutorial to do it?

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Which language should i use for backend development ?

I have completed the frontend development in intel xdk now i want to do server side development which language should i use.. can i use php for backend. Thanks

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