Commercial License Use Request Form

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Sign Up for the Intel® Computer Vision SDK

The Intel® Computer Vision SDK (Intel® CV SDK) is based on OpenVX* for platforms developed by Intel. With the Intel CV SDK, you can:

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Intel® Platform Analysis Library Request

I am interested in obtaining more information about Intel® Platform Analysis Library (Intel® PAL). Please contact us with the information needed to get access.

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Deep Learning SDK signup form

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Curie Page SDK Release Sign Up

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Next Generation Intel® Xeon Phi™ Products (Codename Knights Landing)

For access to the NDA site containing information for early adopters of the Next Generation Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor, please complete this form, read the access agreement and, if you agree to be

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2016 Developer Showcase at the Austin Game Conference

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Developer Showcase held in conjunction with the Austin Game Conference, Tuesday, September 20th – an eventful evening filled with networking, amaz

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Intel® System Studio for Microcontrollers Sign Up

Stay Informed Receive updates on Intel® System Studio for Microcontrollers news for Intel® Quark™ microcontrollers and Intel® Curie™ module.

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