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I just begin to study CVF,Where can I ger the studying material?Thanks!

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Beginner's Blues

I am a RANK armature and realize I might be in the wrong forum. But please HELP:

PROBLEM: With a command line input of

ifort c:\\home\\fortran\\test.f90

Authored by William Brady Last updated on 01/27/2010 - 03:28
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Beginner SOS

Dear All

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Beginner's question

Dear all,

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beginner problem

Hi All,

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Beginner questions

Hi,How should I enable SSE2 in my code when I use the Intel 8.1 c++ compiler (+MSVC 6.0) ?

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beginners questions

Hi I'm drowning in IPP and MKL documentation I have been using nsp up till now but now consider changing to IPP or MKL.

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Beginner choice

I'm learning WinAPI and like to play around with C++ for it. Does the compiler really matters to this kind of task?

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Where should I start? :) 

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