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C# Multiplication

hello, I am trying the MKL Library, in particular I am finding some problems with the multiplication.

Authored by Gianluca G. Last updated on 10/07/2015 - 03:33
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c# Marshalling LAPACKE_zgesvxx


I implemented a C# program that test LAPACKE_zgesvxx function. 

The example works with x64 platform but fail with x86 platform, return info=-7 error!

Authored by Gianluca G. Last updated on 11/17/2015 - 21:55
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C# setuping

how to make a custom setup in C#

Authored by Vidura_Dhananjaya Last updated on 09/15/2014 - 22:37
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MKL in C#


I'm testing MKL in a C# application.

I have to solve a linear system of complex matrix, so first of all I want to understand how the libraries works. 

Authored by Gianluca G. Last updated on 10/02/2015 - 01:01
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Call dfsNewTask1D from C#


Authored by Chris S. Last updated on 10/02/2015 - 00:47
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C# Documentation

Hey guys! 

I was looking through the documentation tonight for C#, and I noticed a lot of things that were wrong. Such as

Authored by Wezley S. Last updated on 12/27/2013 - 08:41
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MKL in C#

I just downloaded a trial version of "Parallel Studio XE". 

I am interested in testing MKL in C#. I'm not expert in C++ and I have not experience of DllImport macro usage.

Authored by Gianluca G. Last updated on 09/28/2015 - 07:09
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C# support

Hello there,

I'm just wondeing how to consume the API or the underlying services directly from C#?


Authored by jacace Last updated on 05/23/2013 - 23:22
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C# Support

The C# support for AcquireAccess returns a PXCMImage.ImageData structure that has a "buffer.planes" variable.  These planes are actually 3 images - confidence, depth, and UVMap.  But how does one a

Authored by ROBERT D. (Intel) Last updated on 03/26/2013 - 14:44
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C# Samples?

Are there any more c# samples online?

or perhaps videos?

Authored by polugio Last updated on 02/15/2013 - 13:15
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