C/C++ Expressions from Intel® JTAG Debugger User and Reference Guide

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C/C++ interface

Authored by csv610


I am now using Intel MKL instead of public domain Clapack.

Can someone tell me why I get the following error when I run the program: This error doesn't come with

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Authored by Khan
If I am using Visual Studio C++ express edition can windows SDK for C++ will support. Thanks, khan Last updated on 11/13/2009 - 04:59

C/C++ version 11.1

Authored by john_jksfamily

I have a licensed version of Intel C/C++ Version 12.0 but I am trying to build with MathWorks MATLAB. Unfortunately, MATLAB only supports C/C++ Version 11.1 and earlier.

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Samples in C/C++

Authored by hasyed

I am looking for AMT-WSMAN samples in C/C++ (preferably C). They are available in the SDK in C# only. Any suggestions?


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calling C/C++ from fortran

Authored by roddur

dear friend,can you give a detailed example of calling C/C++ program by a fortran program?i have very litle idea of C and dont know how to do that.

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QUICKWIN and C/C++ output

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I am developing a QUICKWIN application and are calling C/C++ routines from FORTRAN. How do I send text output to the text window from within C or C++ (using the usual way like e.g.

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