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Converting CDC, 60-bit binary Data

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Intel® XDK FAQs - IoT

General IoT FAQs Where can I download the Intel XDK?
Authored by Anusha M. (Intel) Last updated on 01/24/2017 - 10:30

Intel® Manycore Platform Software Stack (MPSS) Archive



Authored by Belinda Liviero (Intel) Last updated on 01/17/2017 - 23:47

Installing drivers for your board on a system with Windows* from Intel® Edison Board User Guide

This guide contains steps to manually install drivers for your Intel® Edison board on a system with Windows*.

Last updated on 01/10/2017 - 16:08
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Broadening Participation in Visualization Workshop

Clemson University hosted the first Broadening Participating in Visualization workshop on February 10-11, 2014.

Authored by Michael A. Smith (Intel) Last updated on 01/04/2017 - 14:41

Flashing your firmware with Flash Tool Lite from Intel® Edison Board User Guide

If you have a host system with 64-bit Windows* or Mac* OS X*, the setup tool for the Intel® Edison board replaces this method of flashing your board. For steps for your host system, see the steps for Windows or Mac.

Last updated on 01/10/2017 - 16:08
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initialize undefined variables

Having uninitialized variables is, of course, poor practice but inevitable.  Using options like Qzero is not much better.  Zero is too forgiving.  On legacy hardware (e.g., CDC 7600) I would always

Authored by Morgan L. Last updated on 12/31/2016 - 04:46
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Unreachable Code

I have inherited a code that has a lot of poor coding techniques.  In the ~50,000 lines of FORTRAN there is a significant amount of code that can never be reached.  In older mainframe compilers (e.

Authored by Morgan L. Last updated on 12/19/2016 - 12:16

Flash Tool Lite User Manual

Detailed instructions for installing Flash Tool Lite for Windows*, Linux* and Mac* hosts. Includes instructions for configuring the Edison Board as well as troubleshooting and tips.
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Step 2: Install USB Drivers from Get Started with the Intel® Edison Development Board on Windows* 32-bit

In this step, you will run two installers to enable USB features between your Intel® Edison board and your Windows* computer.

Last updated on 12/12/2016 - 15:38
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