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Windows* 8 Development – Environment and Resources

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Authored by Sulamita Garcia (Intel) Last updated on 09/06/2013 - 18:26

Developing Racing Thrill* with Gesture and Voice


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Developing Games with MonoGame*

By Bruno Sonnino

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Game Companies Speed Up Development with Intel® Sample Code

Whether you are an indie game developer or a seasoned professional, you are likely to find an interesting code sample on Intel Developer Zone's game dev section. Read here to learn how Intel engineers worked with Blizzard and Codemasters to optimize our Adaptive Volumetric Shadow Maps (AVSM), Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing (CMAA), and Software Occlusion Culling code samples.
Authored by John Hartwig (Intel) Last updated on 05/11/2015 - 13:29

Intel® Architecture Support Guide for Android* Middleware Providers

This document gives an overview of what has to be done at the library/engine level to better support Intel platforms.The ways of adding x86/x86_64 support entirely depends on what exactly is put into developer hands (Source code? Libraries? Toolchains? Services?). Generally, adding such support is done by the Android best development practices provided in this article.
Authored by Xavier H. (Intel) Last updated on 04/27/2015 - 14:50
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Intel® Compilers

C, C++ and Fortran compilers suite allowing developers to create multithreaded applications and maximize application performance, security, and reliability.
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Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor Developer's Quick Start Guide

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Authored by loc-nguyen (Intel) Last updated on 11/24/2014 - 13:58

Touch Developer Guide for Ultra Mobile Devices

Touch Developer Guide


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Authored by Gael Hofemeier (Intel) Last updated on 08/22/2014 - 14:03
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