Educator FAQ

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How to Educate Users

With 87% of all users refusing to even open the manual, let alone read it, how do you help these poor people get the best from your app?

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Education Use of XDK

We are an FE college with students aged 16-18, we would like to use XDK with our students, however looking at the terms and conditons we would need their parents to setup accounts for them to use w

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Qualify for Free Software - Educator

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Educator Floating License?


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Education Alliance Agreement

Intel® Education Alliance and Trademark Agreement

June 27, 2013

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Creating Chrome* Apps for Education

By Dale Basye and Steve Burt, Clarity Innovations, Inc.

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Immersive Learning Turbo-Charges Education

Touch and gesture control, image recognition, and augmented reality have found their way onto countless educational apps and toys, bringing virtual and real worlds together. Sophisticated technologies like the Intel® RealSense™ camera are driving toward a world of play and learning where distinctions between the real and the virtual are all but irrelevant.
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Educational Sample Code for Windows* 8


Download Sample Code [ZIP 379KB]

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Chemistry aid educational mobile app

These days I'm creating a mobile app for school children and college students about periodic table (Chemistry). Can I have any ideas about how it must be and how it must look like.

Authored by Vidura_Dhananjaya Last updated on 12/06/2014 - 06:52
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