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Embedded Tuning

I have used VTune Analyzer for Windows before, and I enjoyed the ability to get detailed feedback on software performance.

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Embedded Development - QNX* or Linux*?


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Continuous Delivery, Embedded Systems, and Simulation

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Choosing Crosswalk* Build Options: Shared or Embedded from Intel® XDK Documentation

The Crosswalk for Android* build system provided by the Intel XDK offers two primary build options: embedded and shared. These two options each have pros and cons; read the complete article to help you choose which build option is best for your Android app.

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High Velocity Embedded Everything

I cross-posted this from my blog on the Yocto Project web site. You can comment on it here, on over there.

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Just Released! Intel® Media SDK for Embedded Linux*

Deliver Fast Video Processing in Smart Camera and Connected Car Applications
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Session 7: Transitioning from Arduino* to Embedded Linux*

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Wind River* VxWorks* + Intel® Software Development Products = WOW

Technical session demonstrating how to best utilize the Intel® C++ Compiler and Integrated Performance Primitives included in your Wind River* VxWorks* build for high-performance embedded applicati

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Embedded Applications: Migrating to Intel® x86 Architecture

Today’s embedded application developer are seeing the inherent benefits of Intel® x86 Architecture for new designs as well as legacy applications that have started to migrate from other processor a

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