Chrome OS* Build [DEPRECATED] from Intel® XDK Documentation

Describes the steps needed to build and deploy an Google Chrome OS* packaged binary. In the Projects tab, choose this build target under Web and Packaged App Targets. You initiate Chrome OS builds using the Build tab. Generally used only for Standard HTML5 project types (for an HTML5+Cordova project, use feature detection code),

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Developing Business Client Applications for Chrome OS*

Google Chromebooks* are relatively new to the computing scene and are increasingly popular for education and business client apps. his article provides an overview of what you should consider when developing business client applications for Chrome OS*.
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Zero-copy texture uploads in Chrome OS*

Authored by TIAGO VIGNATTI (Intel) Last updated on 06/01/2017 - 11:21
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Address Sanitizer (ASAN) Tool to Debug Memory Corruptions in Chrome OS*

by Sameer Kibey

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It's All About the Browser: Enabling Platform Features on the Chrome OS*

Intel Developer Forum 2013, Josh Triplett (Chrome OS architect at Intel) and Shyam Sundararaman (Application Engineer at Intel) had a live session on why Intel cares about Google* Chrome OS.

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Chrome* OS & Chromium* OS - Why 2?

I'm new to Chrome* OS and I learn best through touch when possible. Often this becomes an "error then success" approach to learning.

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Creating Chrome* Apps for Education

By Dale Basye and Steve Burt, Clarity Innovations, Inc.

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Reflections on Developing our First Chrome App

By Randy Schott

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Native One-copy Texture Uploads for Chrome* OS on Intel® Architecture Enabled by Default

Native one-copy texture upload patches have been merged in upstream Chromium*, and they are enabled by default for Chrome* OS on Intel® architecture.

Authored by Dongseong Hwang (Intel) Last updated on 06/01/2017 - 11:21
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