Can infrastructure enable healthcare interoperability?

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Last April at HIMSS in Chicago, Intel participated in the IHE showcase , which is essentially a huge "plug fest" for healthcare vendors promoting interoperability in healthcare.

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Digital Healthcare: Why should an ISV Care?

Authored by Kirk Dunsavage (Intel)
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Confirmation: Intel.Healthcare.dll does not AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers

Authored by louis.ho

Can anyone confirm if the library allows partially trusted callers to invoke the SDK's API from a partially trusted context (web-app)?

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NFC Usage in Windows* Store Apps – a Healthcare App Case Study

Authored by Ashok Emani (Intel)

NFC Usage in Windows* Store Apps – a Healthcare App Case Study [PDF 526.46 KB]

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Applab in Minneapolis draws top developers from Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing and other industries.....

Authored by Russ Beutler (Intel)

On May 23rd we held another Intel AppLab at the Microsoft Technology center.

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A Windows* Store App Case Study – Recording Audio Notes and Playback for Healthcare (C#)

Authored by David Medawar (Intel)

I’d like to share a useful example for recording audio in a Windows Store App.  Particularly, I will present an app that targets the enterprise healthcare sector.  Audio recordings can enable

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New Intel® SOA Expressway for Healthcare Release Powers Patient/Provider Community Exchange at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

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It’s been about a year and half since we first released Intel® SOA Expressway for Healthcare, which is a purpose-built, easy-to-deploy integration appliance for connecting island

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Improving Medical Imaging Performance on the Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 series

Authored by Kerry Evans (Intel)
In Medical Imaging, it is important to maximize healthcare quality by providing the best images in the shortest time to assure accurate diagnosis & patient treatment. This article describes the 50x speedup of an image reconstruction algorithm. Last updated on 10/31/2014 - 18:05

New Levels of CT Image Performance and New Levels in Radiation Dose Management

Authored by Kerry Evans (Intel)
Veo, GE Healthcare's new CT Scanner reconstruction technology, provides high resolution CT images allowing radiologists to maximize diagnostic accuracy at an optimized low dose to the patient. This paper describes the MBIR optimization steps taken. Last updated on 11/12/2014 - 23:23

Intel AIC 2013 - Get to Market Interview - HopeLab

Authored by Rick Puckett (Intel)

Intel® Developer Insights Interview Series: This video has been created to provide developer insights and stimulate innovative thinking for developers interested in creating apps for the Healthcare

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