Intel AppUp® Developer Updates

Thank you for being an Intel AppUp developer and submitting your app(s) to the Intel AppUp center.

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Update on Intel AppUp® encapsulator for the Intel AppUp® developer challenge: Web Apps Edition

To create Web apps for the new Intel AppUp® developer challenge: Web Apps Edition, you can use the Intel AppUp® encapsulator beta service to package your HTML/JavaScript/CSS applications for submis

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AppUp® Development - Q&A for Developers, Mike Kasprzak, Mobile Game Developer, "Smiles"

What's it like being an independent game developer for AppUp? How to weigh developing for AppUp with all the other store models.

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Reminder: Validation required to win prizes in Intel AppUp® developer challenge: Web Apps Edition

Speed pays in this challenge, but all apps must be validated by January 30, 2012 to be eligible! You have speed on your side.

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AppUp availability

Hi guys, In the Q & A section I came accross this :
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Intel AppUp Software Debugger

Where can I locate the "Intel AppUp Software Debugger"? I am developing an application with App Game Kit (The Game Creators). 

Authored by Derek B. Last updated on 06/02/2013 - 17:12
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Intel AppUp Elements 2011

In 2011, Intel AppUp Elements is going to Seattle. Join us on Sept 28th and 29th. Meet some of the most creative minds in the industry to share and explore what's new in app development innovation.
Authored by justin-wright (Intel) Last updated on 06/20/2011 - 12:58
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DarkBasic Developers Can Step Up With AppUp

Unless you have been living in a deep dark cave, you will have noticed the recent surge in the number of app stores gracing the digital highway.
Authored by Lee Bamber Last updated on 04/23/2015 - 12:30
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Welcome to AppUp Creator

Hi, I'm Jim, one of the developers of Intel AppUp Creator beta. I hope you had a chance to go visit the tool. If you have not and want to learn more, please visit:
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AppUp Creator update release

Hello AppUp™ Creator Developers!

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