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threads profiling

check:Intel Thread Checker 1.0 for Windows*

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Intel Thread Profiler (OpenMP)

Hi folks,

I am facing an error and I will be greatfull if someone knows anything about it.

First let me give the context, I have to machines a development one and a target one.

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threads profiling on Linux?

there is another Intel's tool Assure Thread Analyzer that:

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Intel® Thread Profiler 3.1 for Windows* – Documentation

Documentation Release notes [PDF 35KB]
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Problem installing Thread Profiler

Now I am using Intel Software Development Products for Windows*, Education product and I have no problem installing all the software in this product using the license key and serial number.

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Intel Thread Profiler for Linux?

Hi ,

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Upgrade for Thread Profiler support

Hi,I have a current license for Thread Profiler 3.1 but I understand that it is now incorporated into VTune and not available as a separate file.

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nested OpenMP and Thread Profiler

Hello,I have one Question, does the Intel Thread Profiler for Linux support nested OpenMP?

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Help: Using Intel Thread Profiler on Linux

I believe that thread profiler is a Windows only software as far as I can tell.But wheredo I find the linux install?

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Does Intel Thread Profiler 3.0 support Linux?

The following is a question we received from one of our members, along with an answerprovided by ourthreading tool experts at Intel:

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