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Intel Learning Lab

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Learning Lab Testing

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Intel® Commercial IoT Labs from Intel® Commercial IoT Labs

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SR-IOV and OVS-DPDK Hands-on Labs

Automate setup of SR-IOV with DPDK in Linux* libvirt/KVM and setup of an OVS-DPDK NFV use case inside nested VMs. Provision into a cluster or datacenter.
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Courseware - Intel® Manycore Testing Lab

Parallel Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm

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Intel® RealSense™ Hands On Labs Highlights

Intel® RealSense™ technology takes perceptual computing to the next level by understanding sensory input and movement-supported platforms. The revolutionary RealSense™ Camera lets you interact with your device more like you interact with people—with natural movements using depth-sensing technology so your PC sees more like you do. (22 Tracking points per Hand) You can use the added dimension to...
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Innovator Lab - Sacramento IOT - Incubator Challenge II

See how developers, makers and entrepreneurs worked together to create new innovative projects during a 6 week long IoT workshop at the Sacramento HackerLab.

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Jefferson Lab - Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

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Intel Innovator Lab, Orlando - Kick-off

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Whither the Intel® Manycore Testing Lab?

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