Accelerating Media & Video Processing: Which Tool Do I Use?

Intel has a multitude of awesome software development tools, including ones for innovating and optimizing media

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As video traffic explodes and the industry moves to 4K, OTT, HEVC, and VP9, media solution and content providers need economical, fast transcode and quality/analysis tools that accelerate video processing. Intel provides advanced media software solutions across enterprise/servers, client devices, and mobile platforms.
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some thoughts on the Media Processing Samples

... I'm making a new post hoping for that other people will join in expressingtheir views on UMC


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Digital Signage Media Player Application: Media Decode Using Intel® Media SDK and Compositing Using DXVA-HD*

How to transition from software-based media processing to hardware-based processing using a digital signage media player on Intel® Core™ processors.

Authored by Martin, Kay Last updated on 03/09/2017 - 07:54

OpenCL™ Technology and Intel® Media SDK Interoperability

The Intel® Media SDK Interoperability sample demonstrates how to use Intel® Media SDK and OpenCL™ technology together for efficient video decoding and fast post-processing.
Authored by Vadim Kartoshkin (Intel) Last updated on 03/08/2017 - 10:56

Intel® Media SDK Getting Started Guide

Intel® Media SDK Getting Started Guide Introduction
Authored by Harsh Jain (Intel) Last updated on 03/08/2017 - 09:08

Framework for developing applications using Media SDK

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