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Mobile computing, a generic term describing one's ability to use technology in mobile environments Mobile device, a computer designed for mobile computing.

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Mobilize your software Maximizing Power Savings on Mobile Platforms
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about mobile

what is the diffenence between i-phone and simple mobile phone?

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Jquery mobile

is posible whit the jquery mobile version that use intel xdk change the background color of the list view? other form light or dark?

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Mobile Computing from Intel® AMT Implementation and Reference Guide

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Mobile Platform SDK: Mobile menus?

This is a question received by Intel Software Network Support in response to the article Maximize Mobile Applications with

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Streaming from mobile device(Windows Mobile 5.0)


I want to stream the live video captured from windows mobile 5.0 to other same type of mobile devices or to some server. Is there any way through which I can do it?

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jQuery Mobile - Springboard Navigation

This sample is a multi-page scaffold using tab-based navigation. For other page navigation styles, please see the list- and tab-based navigation samples. Additionally, this sample demonstrates custom styling techniques to adapt to various screen sizes and rotations, and achieve a different look and feel than jQuery Mobile defaults.
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Mobile World Congress 2016

Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry.
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mobile app development tools

What tools are you using for Mobile app development?

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