OpenMP highlight

Authored by Roman

I am using Visual Fortran Compiler XE  with MS Visual Studio 2010.

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OPENMP and MKL FFT: strange behavior

Authored by clodxp

Hi all!

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problem with openmp hello world!

Authored by farzin p.

Dear all,

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[Bug] OpenMP-Bug in IntelC++ 13/12/11 concerning a function in the loop condition

Authored by Michael Walz

Dear all, I assume I found a bug concerning the OpenMP-Implementation of Intel-C++-Compiler version 11, 12 and 13.

It seems that IntelC++ has problems inlining an other function into the loop condition of a for loop that should be OpenMP-parallelized. If that other function also contains a for loop, the IntelC++ seems to parallelize the wrong loop. In the example, the original loop is...

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OpenMP and try-catch issue (only 32 bit Windows executable)

Authored by msolus

I believe I have encountered an issue using OpenMP with Intel C++ compiler version 12 update 5.

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Help with kmp_set_affinity

Authored by pollgreen


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