Intel Software Autotuning Tool

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Tools from Unity* Optimization Guide for x86 Android*

We will explore three main tools in this guide: Unity Profiler, GPA System Analyzer, and GPA Frame Analyzer. Each tool is powerful in its own right in regards to solid game development.

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Why Choose Intel With All the Other Resources Out There?

Learn why software developers are turning to Intel in developer resources, knowledge and tools.

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Software overview from Getting Started with Intel® IoT Gateways with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit

This section provides an overview of the various software components that you'll use to create your Intel® IoT Gateway solution. Although you can technically get up and running without the information in this section, you'll need a basic understanding of what you're installing and why to start really developing your own projects.

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Episode 2.4 - Software Tools for Intel Xeon Co-processors

In this video we will discuss software tools needed and recommended for developing applications for Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors.

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Intel® Developer Zone: Tools, Knowledge, Community

The Intel® Developer Zone is an online community for developers to connect with each other and Intel to share information, troubleshoot problems, and get tools and resources to assist in developmen

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Using Flash Tool Lite from Intel® Edison Board User Guide

If you have a host system with 64-bit Windows* or Mac* OS X*, the setup tool for the Intel® Edison board replaces this method of flashing your board. For steps for your host system, see the steps for Windows or Mac.

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Intel(R) Software Development Tools Demystified: The Packaging, Reference Guides, User Guides, BKMs, Getting Support

This article is a brief summarizing "List of Links" to find tool documentation, with a short explanation of Intel's software development tool packaging.

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Intel Software Tools Spring Technical Webinar Series

This free webinar series presents tools, tips, and techniques that will help sharpen your development skills on Intel processors/coprocessors including Intel® Xeon® processor and Intel® Xeon Phi™ c

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cannot activate tools from software manager

1) I have downloaded a trial version of 2016 XE Composer Fortran for Windows

2) During install, I provided the license key that was purchased

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