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Targeted Professor Research Grants

Learn how to apply for research and curriculum grants from the Intel® AI Academy.
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Intel® AI Academy for Professors & Academia

College and university instructors can get the latest AI materials from Intel for classroom instruction.
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Missed SIGCSE 2011? See the booth demo videos, session talks, and professor interviews!

Access our resources fromSIGCSE 2011- demo videos, including using robotics and game development to teach parallelism, the Intel Manycore Testing Lab and high performance biometric recognition.

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Teaching Parallel Programming to Lower Division Undergraduates

Due to limited exposure to parallelism in current undergraduate CS curricula, most students can't program it by the time they graduate. That is why Professor Peter Pacheco teaches the course Introduction to Parallel Computing to lower division undergrads.
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Intel® Parallel Computing Center at Indiana University

The Indiana University Intel® Parallel Processing Center (Intel® PCC) is a multi-component interdisciplinary center. The initial activities involve Center Director Judy Qiu, an Assistant Professor in the School of Informatics and Computing, and Distinguished Professor of Physics Steven Gottlieb. Qiu will be researching novel parallel systems supporting data analytics and Gottlieb will be adapting...
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New JavaScript* Class Patterns

When I was a college freshman, I had a friend who was a senior studying chemistry. He summed up his experience saying that as a senior he learned how the chemistry professors had been lying to him all those previous years, but now he was learning the truth. Hopefully what he meant was that as his education progressed the simplifications of his earlier years were replaced by more complex models of...
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IoT Short Course Series Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

The Administrative Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies in Colombia recently issued a challenge to academia to strengthen national competitiveness in IT. In response, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá joined in a strategic alliance with Intel to advance the state of knowledge in Colombia about the Internet of...
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Intel® Parallel Computing Center at Iowa State University

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Academic Community Reaches 1,000 Universities

The Intel® Academic Community has now welcomed over 1,000 universities into the program which provides curriculum, support and community to faculty and researchers world-wide.
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