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Teaching Parallelism at SIGCSE 2011- See the booth demo videos, session talks, and professor interviews!

The Intel Academic Community had a fantastic time engaging with computer science educators at SIGCSE 2011!

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Professor Jose Villeta of USC discusses the GamePipe Laboratory at GDC 2012

Professor Jose Villeta discusses the innovative USC GamePipe Program.

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Missed SIGCSE 2011? See the booth demo videos, session talks, and professor interviews!

Access our resources fromSIGCSE 2011- demo videos, including using robotics and game development to teach parallelism, the Intel Manycore Testing Lab and high performance biometric recognition.

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Intel® Parallel Computing Center at Indiana University

The Indiana University Intel® Parallel Processing Center (Intel® PCC) is a multi-component interdisciplinary center. The initial activities involve Center Director Judy Qiu, an Assistant Professor in the School of Informatics and Computing, and Distinguished Professor of Physics Steven Gottlieb. Qiu will be researching novel parallel systems supporting data analytics and Gottlieb will be adapting...
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Academic Panel Overview at IDF 2013

Dr. Matthew Wolf, GA Tech, Dr.

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Hackathons Inspiring Intercity Youth

If community colleges are really where "the rubber hits the road…for helping students improve themselves," then professor Tom Murphy is the grease that keeps tho

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Addtional Sample Code for Intel(R) Integrated Performance Primitives Cryptography

Intel IPP cryptography by example
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CalPoly Pre-GDC XDK Gamejam*

*Side note for the uninitiated: hackathon is an overarching term for any development ‘jam session’ – codefest refers to a software-creating subset of hackathons – gamejams are codefests where

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The Soft-ware-er Side of IDF13

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