Autodesk Workflow: Workstation to Tablet

Autodesk© ECS Ultimate 2015 Anywhere workflow demo presented by Gary Davis of Autodesk. Utilizing Wacom© Cintiq© & Intel© HD Graphics.

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Android* Tablet Gamejam/Meetup

A hackathon is an event where people get together and make things from scratch over a solid block of time.  A codefest is a subtype of hackathon, focused exclusively on software development.  A gam

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SensiGator Charts New Course for Bing* Maps on Windows* 8 Tablets

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Portable Music Creation on Tablets with Justin Lassen

Artist & Producer Justin Lassen talks about being excite

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Creating Android Tablet Apps for Intel Architecture-Based Devices

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Audacity* Gets a Touch UI for Tablets and 2 in 1 PCs

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Tablets, Smartphones, and PCs: What Workers Are Using

A new report released this week from Forrester Research on tablet and smartphone use predicts that tablet ownership is set to skyroc

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Overview of UI & UX Guidelines for Building Tablet Applications

There can be no doubt, that a large part of building a tablet application is about crafting a good user experience.

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Redesigning for Windows Tablet and Phone - Case Study

72 Pixels provides a step by step case study on app development and user experience using Gas Buddy.

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Mobile Medical Tablet


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