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Intel Thread Checker and memory allocations


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OpenMP and Thread Checker question


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Thread checker interlocked and volatile


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Thread Checker and Vista thread pools

Hello all,

I am seeing weird readings in Thread Checker 3.1 under Windows Vista x86 and Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0 runtime.

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false sharing with thread checker?

I have a large program that is working fine with OMP using Intel Fortran compilers. When I run the code inside thread checker 3.1 it repors that

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Intel® Memory Latency Checker v3.5


Vish Viswanathan, Karthik Kumar, Thomas Willhalm, Patrick Lu, Blazej Filipiak, Sri Sakthivelu


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Thread Checker: conflicts between strchr and _Strxfrm

Hello there!

I'm trying to analyse a small Monte Carlo simulation which uses MKL to generaterandom paths(by vslLeapfrogStream + vsRngGaussian), parallelised by OpenMP.

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Thread Checker for Windows gives "Out of Memory" Error.


I am using Intel VTunes Thread Checker for Windows (Version 3.1) Licensed.

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Thread Checker detecting errors in nothing code


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Process terminates invoked from Thread checker

Hi All,

When I launch my application from thread checker tool then it collects the information then terminates it and I want to duplicate ths issue by making test calls etc...

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