Using Intel C++ Compiler for Tizen*

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Tizen Mascot

I was interested on any plans for getting a good mascot for Tizen. Is this in the plans? Anyone think a mascot would help it out? Getting to the planned 6 million users?
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Use Intel® System Studio to optimize your Tizen* IVI automotive software stack

Intel® System Studio ( is now optimized and tested for Tizen* IVI (

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Support for Tizen?

A Tizen source code and SDK preview was recently released. Are there any plans to support the Tizen platform in Encapsulator?
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Tizen for PC


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An Early Look at Tizen

Hi, I just had a look of the pre-release and developer docs of Tizen:
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Difference with the Tizen HAXM

I have one question. The HAXM for Android is 1.1.1. But, the HAXM for Tizen is 1.0.5. Are they compatible?

If they are difference, what difference are they?

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Welcome to our Tizen forum

Welcome, to Tizen! Note, there's a lot of information to come and the core place for information will be at
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