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Cross platform app with subscription business model


I have developed an app in HTML5/CSS/Javascript with the Intel XDK and want to offer the app as a subscription, for several well motivated reasons I won't go into here. 

Authored by Mike H. Last updated on 01/19/2017 - 15:17

Introduction to cross-platform mobile apps development

Fabrizio Lapiello Intel Software Innovator

Authored by Lapiello, Fabrizio Last updated on 02/24/2017 - 12:00
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Inside "Lively" – Cross Platform Mobile App

by Adam Argyle

Authored by admin Last updated on 12/22/2015 - 11:06

Android Video-Developing cross platform apps with App Game Kit

Learn about App Game Kit, an easy to use, cross platform development environment. User can code in BASIC script or use libraries with C++ or XCode.

Authored by admin Last updated on 06/14/2017 - 08:57

Intel® XDK Cross-platform Development Environment

Intel® XDK streamlined workflow enables developers to easily design, debug, build and deploy HTML5 web and hybrid apps across many app stores and form factors devices.

Authored by admin Last updated on 08/07/2017 - 17:38

Inside the Brackets Episode 9: Performance in Cross Platform Apps

Is it possible to get amazing performance from your cross-platform Web apps?

Authored by admin Last updated on 06/14/2017 - 08:52
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HTTPS with client authentication in cross platform apps


Authored by Anjali P. Last updated on 11/30/2015 - 17:31
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The increasing need for cross-platform development

Remember back in the good old days when developers only had to create applications for one, maybe two different platforms?

Authored by Wendy B. (Intel) Last updated on 08/07/2017 - 17:38
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Accelerated Development: Cross-Platform Opportunities at Intel

A recent article from Intel Software Adrenaline titled “Building on Intel’s Momentum

Authored by Wendy B. (Intel) Last updated on 05/31/2017 - 17:04
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Create a cross platform app for Windows* and Android* with Intel(R) INDE

A diagram for the structure of a cross platform App with Intel(R) INDE. Includes a link for an article explaining how Intel(R) INDE makes this process simple.
Authored by KARTHIYAYINI C. (Intel) Last updated on 06/14/2017 - 16:50
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