PC 虚拟现实控制台: 从 Unspoken 中吸取的经验教训

Unspoken* 是一款由 Insomniac Games* 公司开发的第一人称施咒虚拟现实游戏,采用了 Oculus Touch* 控制器。 Insomniac Games 是一家经验丰富的控制台开发公司,他们的内部引擎经过扩展后可以支持虚拟现实。 从帧速率为 30 fps 的控制台体验,到高端虚拟现实设备上达到 90 fps,帧速率的大幅提升需要采用性能感知设计,以及改善引擎,以最大程度地利用系统资源。 本文介绍了如何检测系统级别的引擎瓶颈,找出其原因并且消除这些瓶颈,以提升性能。
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Diagnostic 15344: loop was not vectorized: vector dependence prevents vectorizationxxxx

This vectorization diagnostic is emitted starting from Intel(R) C++ Compiler 15.0. 

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[How to fix] MS VS2015 text editor is blank after upgrading Intel® parallel Studio XE

Some customer may have a issue that the Visual Studio* (VS) text editor is blank and could not display content of code file after upgrading Intel® Parallel Studio XE (IPS).

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Visual Studio 2017 support for MKL? Update 3 timeline?


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MKL Lapack parallel subroutine

Hello all

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Intel® Joule™ Developer Kit

Get the Intel® Joule™ module and extensions, including integrated development environments, sensors, code samples, and libraries.
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is it possible ?

Hello there,


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Intel® XDK FAQs - General

Provides frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to developing apps with the Intel® XDK, such as how to get started as a new user, installing more than one version of Intel XDK, signing an app and updating or uninstalling Intel XDK. It also covers questions related to the built-in Brackets editor, differences between mobile platforms, specifying app settings, and other topics.
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17 How-To Intel® IoT Technology Code Samples Now Available in Python*

These applications are part of a series of how-to code sample exercises using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit, Intel® IoT Gateway, Intel® Edison board, cloud platforms, APIs,

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End User License Agreements

The following are the primary software development product End User License Agreements used at Intel:

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