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I cannot access http://premier.intel.com



I bought intel fortran compiler last year and I found some issues to use it, however I could not have access to premier site. Could you let me access there? 


Authored by Kunok C. Last updated on 09/01/2015 - 23:36
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Constructor interface with class pointer function return bug


Authored by Patrice l. Last updated on 09/01/2015 - 12:18
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Openmp task bug

Hi all ,

I got a weird behavior with the following code, looks like the variables are not correctly shared. No problem with gfortran, I'm using 15.1.

Authored by Patrice l. Last updated on 09/01/2015 - 12:07
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libifcore.so.5: undefined symbol: _intel_fast_memmove


I routinely use f2py to compile fortran code into python modules. Recently, I have run across a baffling problem. I compiled a module using the following command line:

Authored by Sourish B. Last updated on 09/01/2015 - 10:44
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class(*) allocatable allocate internal compiler error


the following allocatable statement produce a internal compiler, I am pretty sure this is forbidden though.


Authored by Patrice l. Last updated on 09/01/2015 - 10:32
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Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised




Just doing a compile of my code using latest ifort 15 service pack 1, message says please report, so here it is

Authored by steve o. Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 16:51
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vectorization involving allocatable type component

Using ifort Build 20131008, the following code:

Authored by Alexis R. Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 16:42
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Runtime error on assignment when derived type contains a polymorphic component


The following program

Authored by John Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 13:25
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Overridden binding and parameterized derived type


I get the following error when I compile overide_pdt.f90 (attached): 

ifort override_pdt.f90

Authored by oysteinolsen Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 13:22
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Downcast function result without copy

Problem: A subprogram 'make_child' returns a variable of type 'child' which is an extension of the 'parent' type.

Authored by Ferdinand T. Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 13:20
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