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ippiErode3x3 and ippiDilate3x3

The comments in ippi.h for ippiErode3x3 and ippiDilate3x3 are as follows:

 Name:      ippiErode3x3_8u_C1R()    ippiDilate3x3_8u_C1R()

Authored by Adriaan van Os Last updated on 04/13/2018 - 05:00
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Assuming that the actual declarations of  the various ippiMorphologyBorderInit flavours are correct, there are the following errors in the comments for the parameters

Authored by Adriaan van Os Last updated on 04/13/2018 - 06:13
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ippiDilateBorder and ippiErodeBorder

The comments for ippiDilateBorder and ippiErodeBorder omit to list the following declared routines:




Authored by Adriaan van Os Last updated on 04/13/2018 - 06:19
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Unable to decompress Jpeg2000

I got this as part of a dicom from 3rd party pacsand while i cnat decompress it with UIC and OpenJPEG it does decompress fine with another j2k library.any idea why is it not decompressing and cant

Authored by Aris Basic Last updated on 08/17/2012 - 07:18
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Test for possible IppiConvValid bug

 Hi, I'm getting a -9 mem error with ippiConvValid_32f_C1R even though  my system has plenty of memory. I allocated a 25GB with malloc just to make sure my program's memory allocation wasn't being

Authored by Ryan Last updated on 08/15/2012 - 07:26
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Decompress and play G.726 32Kbps audio stream

Hi, Everyone!

Authored by paft Last updated on 08/14/2012 - 01:14
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How to repeatedly add two images with different size?

Dear all,I am going to add one small image data to another big one, but I need to repeat copying the small one to fill out all the big image region.

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UMC file writer to append frames to an existing mp4 file

I have a existing mp4 file to which I wish to append a few more frames.What is the file writer parameters method to create a file writer to append data.For instance, if I create file writer like th

Authored by Aditya Kadambi Last updated on 08/13/2012 - 08:39
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Statistics for connected components


I continue to be suprised at the speed with which the IPPI library performs. Whenever I do something with my own code it looks so slow in comparison.

Authored by Marcus Hennecke Last updated on 09/16/2012 - 19:56
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Problem with h.264 decoding CIF and 2CIF


I have developed an RTSP application that displays video from cameras on a local network.

Authored by bcisrd Last updated on 08/09/2012 - 11:41