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MKL functions

The calls to dgetri & dgetrf, two functions in the MKL library are going unheeded. I keep getting an error something like "undefined refernce to dgetri_".

Authored by newguy Last updated on 06/26/2003 - 18:03
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Problems in linking to MKL

I have recently downloaded Intel's MKL and installed it. But I am having problems in trying to link to the lapack32 library. Any help is appriciated. Here is sample of what I did.

Authored by newguy Last updated on 06/10/2003 - 16:49
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MKL installation without root permission

Hello All,

I came accross the procedure to install/extract icc and ifc without root permission. However I don't know the same for mkl. Can someone provide a simlple script or procedure ?

Authored by Last updated on 06/02/2003 - 15:37
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Intel Math Kernal Library

I will be investigating use of the Math Kernal Library to speed up signal processing code and was wondering if anyone has achieved vast improvement from its use.

Authored by Last updated on 03/27/2003 - 17:56
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MKL/Lapack compilation problem

Sorry if this is a really simple question but I'm pulling my hair out with this one! I've just installed the MKL and wrote a couple of test programs.

Authored by Last updated on 03/11/2003 - 11:49
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mixed C++ fortran progamming using mkl

Hello guys,

Authored by Last updated on 02/21/2003 - 17:46
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cblas_drotg vs dlartg vs dlartgp vs my own using sqrt


Authored by bravegag Last updated on 08/25/2012 - 15:38
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MKL on a E3-1220 processors

Dear all,

I have been using the MKL library to compile and run the electronic structure code Wien2k for the last four or five years.

Authored by Last updated on 08/28/2012 - 08:16
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Hi dear friends,

Authored by Last updated on 08/27/2012 - 07:47
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Avoiding calls to kernel32.dll (djacobix i.c.w. xPC target)

Hi everyone,I want to use the intel MKL function djacobix (numerial differences for gradient/jacobian estimation) on real time hardware using xPC-target (a Mathworks Simulink family product).

Authored by Last updated on 08/29/2012 - 03:16
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