PCIe Root Complex and the PCH

Authored by Robert S.

Hello All,

I have a question that's been bugging me regarding the PCIe Root Complex and the PCH and I'm hoping someone will be able to help clear things up a bit.

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test topic - don not respond to or delete

Authored by good2go

test topic  - don not respond to or delete





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requirement to log in and restart forum every time

Authored by Tim Prince

The new "feature" where we are logged out automatically and must enter the forum, log in, then reenter the forum, is irksome.  If this is intended as a way to slow down the spam temporarily, I supp

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Test forum

Authored by First L.

testing forum.



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About frequency of the PWM signal of Galileo

Authored by rhastaz

About the fuction analogWrite(), the frequency of the PWM signal is approximately 490 Hz. Can we modulate the frequency ourselvse?

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Intel Architecture Code Analyzer Error

Authored by Mahieddine D.

Hi everyone,

I am new here and it is my first post on this forum.

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can i develop the system by Microsoft's visual studio 2013?

Authored by LEE C.

can i develop the system by Microsoft's visual  studio 2013? or must  i use Intel system studio 2014?

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How to install Yocto in Ubuntu 13.10 x32

Authored by Smile Z.

As the subject say, I have a computer running Ubuntu 13.10 x32.   Now I want to install Yocto. But the file downloaded from official website make me mad.

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cannot install updated intel display driver on HP laptop

Authored by mark r.

hey, new here!

windows 7, SP1

hp pavilion dv7 7135us   with intel HD 4000 graphics

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