Intel® Joule™ Expansion Board Schematic

View the Intel® Joule™ Expansion Board Schematic, whi

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IBM* Bluemix Cloud* Quickstart in JavaScript* for the Intel® Joule™ Development Platform

This code sample shows how to send a 1010 pattern to the IBM* Bluemix Cloud*.

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Intel® Manycore Platform Software Stack (Intel® MPSS)


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Cannot remove older version of software manager

I am desperately trying to update my software manager, but I cannot since the older version of the software manger cannot be uninstalled.

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Code Sample: Exploring C++ on the Intel® Joule™ development platform

This guide illustrates how to use C++ with the Intel® Joule™ Development Platform over the course of eight simple code samples.

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What is the Intel® Joule™ Module?

Intel presents its newest offering to the hardware-hacking, thing-making, and general hobbyist markets: The Intel® Joule™ module. With a quad-core Intel® Atom™ processor running at 1.7 GHz, 4 GB of PoP LPDDRA RAM, Intel® HD Graphics, 5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, and Intel® Bluetooth® Low Energy SDK (Intel® Bluetooth® LE SDK) support, the Intel® Joule™ module is easily one of the most powerful...
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From ARM NEON to Intel SSE- the automatic porting solution, tips and tricks

I love ARM. Yes, I do. - Why do I work for Intel then? Because I love Intel even more.

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NRF Retail's BIG Show 2017

See and experience all things Retail. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich keynotes.
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Events - All

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Smart Cities Hackathon at CES

Join the creativity hub for producing real-world Smart Cities solutions at CES.
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