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Hardware decode modify function

Hi, I have three problem : 1. When use hardware decode i not video ram, modify use system ram. 2. Close dxva2 putout with EVR.

Authored by Joe L. Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 19:55
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Makefile and MKL


Authored by Georgios S. Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 20:20
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Multithreading (BLAS sgemm)

Dear Forum,

Authored by Matthias L. Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 20:21
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Building Boost with Intel Compiler 15 64bit mode on Windows leads to internal compiler errors


I tried to build the boost library with the Intel Compiler 15: Intel(R) C++ Intel(R) 64 Compiler XE for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20150407

Authored by Andre N. Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 19:37
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Catmull-Clark subdivision

In your displacement tutorial example code, what would happen if we could turn off the Catmull-Clark subdivision function?

Authored by Al N. Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 19:37
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** Segmentation violation signal raised. **

IMO this is a dupe, but I cannot find in the mailing list folder the original post. I'm sorry.

ICC 16.0 (latest up-to-date), MSVC 2015, x64; MSVC 2013 works fine

Authored by Marián "VooDooMan" Meravý Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 19:37
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MKL Community Edition for OS X availability

Hello! I don't see MKL listed in my available downloads for "Community Licensing for Intel® Performance Libraries for OS X". It appears to be available for Linux and Windows, though.

Authored by Tim S. Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 20:23
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Confused on Frameworks

If I start a new project with HTML5 + Cordova, and I select jquery-mobile as the framework, I don't see any code that loads jquery or jquery-mobile.

Authored by Dan K. Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 19:31
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No Cost Options for Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL), Support yourself, Royalty-Free

The Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL), the high performance math library for x86 and x86-64, is available for free for everyone (

Authored by James Reinders (Intel) Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 19:03
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Can not detect the camera as image device


Authored by Kaven S. Last updated on 08/31/2015 - 18:42
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