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在Intel® MIC多核架构上使用OpenMP*库的编程及调优实践(2)

Authored by QIAOMIN Q. (Intel)

    本文将主要介绍在Intel® MIC多核架构上运行及优化OpenMP*多线程程序的相关技术,且将围绕offload及native两种运行时执行环境展开详解。OpenMP编程模型包含了众多调优的编程接口及环境变量设置,本文将就此继续介绍如何更好地实现程序的高效运行。

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about parallelism on BLAS level-1 routines and VML

Authored by Kim L.

Hi all,

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method constexpr bug with c++ compiler 15

Authored by rnickb

icc give an error when using a constexpr function in the context of a method function template, though the same function is correctly recognized as a constexpr in other contexts.

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sample_decode_x11 cpu usage

Authored by johnson j.


I  run sample_decode_x11 to decode a 1080P H264 stream with 25 fps and with -r option.  It shows 92.7% cpu usage. My

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regarding Media SDK HEVC Software Pack

Authored by JAEYOUNG S.

Could you help me? I have some questions for Media SDK HEVC Software Pack.

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诊断信息 15532: 循环无法进行矢量化处理:编译时间不足妨碍了循环进行优化

Authored by tianhui s.

产品版本: Intel(R) Visual Fortran 编译器 XE


使用 Visual Fortran 编译器的优化选项 ( -O2  -Qopt-report:2 )  时出现矢量化报告,表示编译时间不足妨碍了优化。

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英特尔® System Studio 2015 支持矩阵

Authored by tianhui s.

如果您希望对英特尔® System Studio 2015 组件有更多了解,请向 发送电子邮件。

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Authored by Mayur B.

Hello everyone,

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