Locking CPU cache lines for a thread ( L1)

Authored by Younis A.


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Apps für 2in1-Geräte optimieren und Benutzern ein besseres Gesamterlebnis bieten

Authored by MonikaLischke (Intel)

Ein vor kurzem bei Ars Technica veröffentlichter

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What Rhymes With Martians?

Authored by Anthony B.
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Echtzeit-End-to-End-H.265/HEVC-Lösung für Plattformen auf Basis der Intel Architektur

Authored by MonikaLischke (Intel)
Echtzeit-End-to-End-H.265/HEVC-Lösung für Plattformen auf Basis der Intel® Architektur


Last updated on 04/17/2014 - 07:39

Visual Studio 2010 + XE 2013 SP2: integration issue

Authored by Alexander Kuznetsov

Until recently, I used Win XP + VS 2010 + Intel Visual Fortran, and was enjoying "Go To Definition", "Go To Declaration" and "Find All References" in the right-click menu for years.

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License: I urgently need my license file

Authored by Christian B.


I need my license file for theIntel® Math Kernel Library for Linux*.


Can you please send it to me!



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Old Fortran Program

Authored by John Nichols


I came across an old Fortran program from UCLA.  It is a very useful program and the site provides a copy of the program complied in Compaq Fortran in 32 bit.

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Developing in the Android Ecosystem by Josh Bancroft - Bay Area Android Fest

Authored by Josh Bancroft (Intel)

Android is a great platform for modern developers, but it has its share of challenges.

Last updated on 04/30/2014 - 16:03

Any luck with OFED-3.5-1-MIC-beta1 on CentOS 6.5?

Authored by Andrey Vladimirov

We are trying to run with an unmodified kernel of 6.5 and MPSS 3.2.1. Here is what happens:

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