Problem in distribution of Media SDK libraries.

Authored by Brooks L.

Dear masters,

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sample_vpp_drm convert yv12 to nv12

Authored by Yabo W.

Hi all:

I had a test of sample_vpp_drm, which is Intel media SDK 1.10's sample. My output pixel format is nv12, and I think the order of U and V  is reversed.

Last updated on 12/15/2014 - 11:41

constexpr bug with c++ compiler version 15

Authored by rnickb

The following code compiles fine with clang and gcc but gives this error with icc: 

icc -std=c++11 problem.cpp 

problem.cpp(12): error: expression must have a constant value

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How to upgrade to 7.1 Update 1

Authored by

Hello All,

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Basic Hand Program

Authored by Shaleen S.



I tried running  the basic hand program. All I wanted to do was print "Hey" if the camera saw a hand.

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Processing framework + Intel RealSense

Authored by Mariana C.


Hi, I'm Mariana Carranza and I'm working with Processing for the IntelRealSense Challenge.

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alpha blend of sample_vpp_drm

Authored by Yabo W.

Hi all,

I tried alpha blend with sample_vpp_drm, and I find it doesn't work accurately.

 You can view the result here.

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Installation of Fortran Visual Studio Composer XE 2013 - Registration fails

Authored by Andreas S.

Hi there, I cannot install my Visual Studio Fortran XE Composer due to licening issues. I purchased the license two years ago.

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Issues in running a sample

Authored by Shaleen S.

Hi ,

I am trying to run a sample code but there seems to be an issue.

PXCSenseManager *sm=PXCSenseManager::CreateInstance();

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mkl libraries compiling and not compiling

Authored by diedro

Dear all,

I have a strange problem. I wrote two programs where I use MKL libraries. 

I compile them with the following command:

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