Server, Workstation, and Code Modernization

Intel offers a complete range of server platforms and software tools to fit every data center and workload.

Building FreeFEM++ with Intel Software tools for developers FreeFEM++ is a package that targeted for researchers who needs a powerful tool for solving partial differential equations. It can be found at By default build instructions for FreeFEM++ uses open-source products .
Intel® Xeon® Platinum Processor Accelerates MariaDB Server* and MyRocks* MariaDB Server* benefits from a 78 percent increase in throughput and an 18 percent cut in response time when running on the Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8180 processor. MariaDB Server is one of the most popular database servers in the world. It’s made by the original founders of MySQL and notable users...
Exasol Accelerates In-Memory Data Analytics by up to 114 Percent Exasol offers a high-speed in-memory database, which enables organizations to make faster and smarter decisions. The company found that the Intel® Xeon® Platinum processor accelerated performance by up to 114 percent. The team at Exasol optimized the software, line by line, to take advantage of low...
Optimizing OpenStack* Swift* Performance with PyPy* Isolate and address challenges, understand different solutions, and learn best-known methods associated with adopting a PyPy* just-in-time interpreter for a leading cloud computing solution.
Vectorization: A Key Tool To Improve Performance On Modern CPUs Vectorization is the process of converting an algorithm from operating on a single value at a time to operating on a set of values at one time. Modern CPUs provide direct support for vector operations where a single instruction is applied to multiple data (SIMD). The Rise of Parallelism
An operation guide to build and debug open source Media SDK software stack The Goal Intel started the Media SDK + associated Linux graphics stack/driver open source project in 2017. Now developers can build the full set of the media software components to run Intel® Media SDK completely from open source repositories with the steps described in this article. Developers...
Enhancing High-Performance Computing with Persistent Memory Technology What is the value of persistent memory technology for HPC? This article explores the possibilities and discusses potential architectural source code changes and real-world application examples.
Large Matrix Operations with SciPy* and NumPy*: Tips and Best Practices Introduction Large matrix operations are the cornerstones of many important numerical and machine learning applications. In this article, we provide some recommendations for using operations in Scipy or Numpy for large matrices with more than 5,000 elements in each dimension.
Explore Unity Technologies ML-Agents* Exclusively on Intel® Architecture This article describes how to install and run Unity Technologies ML-Agents* in CPU-only environments. It demonstrates how to: train and run the ML-Agents on Windows*, perform a TensorFlow* CMake build and create a simple Amazon Web Services Ubuntu* Amazon Machine Image* environment from scratch.