Server, Workstation, and Code Modernization

Intel offers a complete range of server platforms and software tools to fit every data center and workload.

Deliver top application performance while minimizing development, tuning and testing time and effort.

Parallel Programming and Optimization

Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Intel® Parallel Studio XE
Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 tool suite simplifies the design, development, debug, and tuning of code that utilizes parallel processing to boost application performance. The Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition includes powerful tools and libraries to make the most of clusters and supercomputers.

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier
Whether you are tuning for the first time or doing advanced performance optimization, Intel® VTune Amplifier provides a rich set of performance insight into hotspots, threading, locks & waits.

Performance Analysis and Measurement

Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library
(Intel® ISA-L)

With the growing number of devices connected to the Cloud/Internet, data is being generated from many different sources. The demand for storage is growing every year. The combination of the Intel® Xeon® processor family and the Intel® Intelligent Storage Library (Intel® ISA-L) can provide developers with the tools to process data securely and quickly and even reduce storage space requirements.


Data processing acceleration (Network, Storage)

Development Kits

Intel Media Server Studio

Intel® Media Server Studio
Provides Media SDK, runtimes, advanced analyzer tools, and more to optimize media solutions on Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Core™ processors.


Power Efficiency

Node Manager

Intel® Node Manager
Intel® Node Manager is a server management technology that allows a platform's management software to accurately monitor and control the platform's power and thermal behaviors through industry-defined standards.

Intel® Power Governor
Intel® Power Governor is a software utility and library, which allows developers to (a) monitor power and (b) regulate power at very fine time granularities.

Data Storage & Analytics


GraphBuilder is the first scalable open source library to take large data sets and construct them into “Graphs,” web-like structures that outline relationships among data.



Intel® Cluster Ready
Intel® Cluster Ready is an architecture and a program that makes it easier to gain the performance advantages of HPC clusters.


Cluster Ready