Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX)

An Intel® architecture extension designed to increase the security of application code and data.

Request a Commercial License

Before an Intel® SGX-enabled application can work in release mode, a company must request and receive a commercial use license from Intel.

The process for requesting a commercial use license is as follows:

Review the Intel® SGX Licensee Guide and the Commercial Use License Agreement.


Submit a commercial license use request for your Company to Intel using the online form.


Upon approval of your request, Intel and the Company sign the Commercial Use License Agreement.


The Company's designated technical contact and Intel work together to complete the technical onboarding process.


The Company or developer technical contact provides Intel with:

  • Production quality x.509 certificate
  • Decision on linkable/unlinkable quote for EPID Signature Policy
  • SIGSTRUCT file
    • SIGSTRUCT File generation information is contained within the Intel® SGX Developer Guide.Consult information on the Intel® SGX Sign Tool.

The Company completes and deploys the production application or solution.


Licensing FAQ