Register Your Production Enclave

1. Determine If You Need a Commercial License

Use the following table to find the license you need. For more information, see the Licensing FAQ.

  • Launch approver:
    • Third party: A cloud service provider, data center hosting provider, or enterprise managing the hardware that's enabled for Intel SGX determines the launch policy.
    • Intel: A registered list of Intel SGX applications or solutions determines the launch policy.
  • Attestation model: Determines if you need to attest the hardware configuration or solution before the launch. For more information, see Attestation & Provisioning Services.
  • Commercial license required: Indicates whether you need the license. If you need to request one, go to Step 2.
Launch Approver Attestation Model Commercial License Required
Third party Third-party attestation service No
Third party No attestation required No
Third party Intel attestation service Yes
Intel Third-party attestation service Yes
Intel No attestation required Yes
Intel Intel attestation service Yes

3. Add Your Solution or Application to the Launch Policy List from Intel

After executing your commercial license, the program office sends you an email with instructions. To run your enclave in a release mode, do the following:

a. Complete the registration form.

b. Create a SIGSTRUCT file (a signature structure, or enclave certificate) by following the instructions in Enclave Signing Tool.

Note When you save the file, reference the registration form for naming guidelines.

c. Return the completed registration form and SIGSTRUCT file to the program office.

4. Register to Use the Attestation Services from Intel

a. Generate and submit a production X.509 certificate to the Intel SGX program office. For more information, see certificate requirements.

b. If you need to update your certificate for these attestation services, submit a form.

Note Use a linkable signature quote to get registered and provisioned. For more information, see Signature Policy.