Get an overview of smart video systems, including cameras and video gateways, and how they integrate with video analytics, deep learning, and the Internet of Things.

In this tutorial, learn how to accelerate inference applications running on either the CPU or GPU with the Intel® Computer Vision SDK.

Computer vision is the next wave in business intelligence. Intel is helping businesses overcome the challenges and reap the benefits of Digital Security & Surveillance.

Code Samples and Reference Implementations

The following projects provide working examples to IoT developers interested in smart video solutions.

Digital Signage Code Samples

OpenCV performance is improved and optimizated using Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives and the Intel® Math Kernel Library.


Smart street lights that can see, hear, and sense their surroundings are creating data that empowers city services.

Smart video analytics and big data produce real-time data about vehicles, roads, and passengers.

Visualization technology enables industrial and factory workers to understand their environment in powerful new ways.

Facial recognition and anomaly detection puts video at the forefront of Intel innovation for the perceptive, responsive, and autonomous homes of tomorrow.

Facial and object recognition tasks are helping to improve the retail experience.

Public safety visualization solutions can use Intel® technology to fight crime in smart cities.