Importing Energy Analysis Results into Intel® System Studio

You can import pre-collected energy metrics into Intel System Studio and visualize the results in a graphical format.


This is a PREVIEW FEATURE. A preview feature may or may not appear in a future production release. It is available for your use in the hopes that you will provide feedback on its usefulness and help determine its future. Data collected with a preview feature is not guaranteed to be backward compatible with future releases.

You can visualize pre-collected energy analysis results in Intel System Studio by opening or creating a project and importing your results to that project.


If you do not have results in the .swjson format, you can convert .sw2 result files using the following command:

> ./socwatch -i /home/results/result.sw2 -r json

  1. Click File > Import

  2. Select Energy Analysis > Import Intel® SoC Watch Results and click Next.

  3. Browse to the location of your *.swjson file and select a project to import the result to and click Finish. The project refreshes and your results should be listed in the Project Explorer.

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