Preparing a Target Linux* System for Energy Analysis

When collecting energy data on a target Linux device, make sure to:

Install the Intel® SoC Watch Collector

If you need to collect energy data on one system and you wish to view the results on another system, you need to install the Intel SoC Watch collector.

  1. Copy the system_studio_target.tgz package to the target Linux* system. The package can be found in the following locations on the host system with Intel System Studio installed:

    • On Linux systems: /opt/intel/system_studio_<version>/targets/system_studio_target.tgz

    • On Windows* systems: C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\system_studio_<version>\Targets\system_studio_target.tgz

  2. Log in to the target system as the root user.
  3. Extract the Intel SoC Watch package to the target Linux system. The <extract_dir>/system_studio_target/socwatch_linux_v<version>_x<architecture> directory is created.

  4. Copy the Intel SoC Watch package to a working directory:

    > mkdir -p /home/socwatch
    > cp <extract_dir>/system_studio_target/socwatch_linux_v<version>_x<architecture> /home/socwatch/ .

Install Drivers

Building and Managing Energy Analysis Driver if they are not already installed or if the driver version does not match the latest version of the socwatch_linux_<version> directory in the extracted system_studio_target directory.

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