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Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector Release Notes

This page provides the current Release Notes for Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector. The notes are categorized by year, from newest to oldest, with individual releases listed within each year.

Click a version to expand it into a summary of new features and changes in that version since the last release, and access the download buttons for the detailed release notes, which include important information, such as pre-requisites, software compatibility, installation instructions, and known issues.

  • Linux*
  • Microsoft Windows* (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Microsoft Windows* 10
  • Microsoft Windows* 8.x
  • Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector
  • Cluster Computing
  • Tracing User Defined Events

    To get more detailed information about your application, you can instrument and trace various user-defined events in your application, including non-MPI function calls. In practice, it is often useful to record entries and exits to/from functions or code regions within larger functions.

    Use the following Intel® Trace Collector capabilities:

    • Automatic function instrumentation with the compiler
    • Manual source code instrumentation with Intel® Trace Collector API

    GNU* Symbolic Debugger

    To automate the procedure of setting breakpoints, GNU* Symbolic Debugger (GDB) supports executing commands automatically. To apply setting this breakpoint for all programs in the current working directory, you can create a file .gdbinit with the following lines (or add them if it already exists):


    int VT_flush (void)


    Flushes all trace records from memory into the flush file.

    The location of the flush file is controlled by options in the configuration file. Flushing will be recorded in the trace file as entering and leaving the state VT_API:TRACE_FLUSH with time stamps that indicate the duration of the flushing. Automatic flushing is recorded as VT_API:AUTO_FLUSH.

    C++ API

    These are wrappers around the C API calls which simplify instrumentation of C++ source code and ensure correct tracing if exceptions are used. Because all the member functions are provided as inline functions it is sufficient to include VT.h to use these classes with every C++ compiler.

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