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Get a Performance Overview with Application Performance Snapshot

The first step in analyzing a hybrid MPI/OpenMP* application is getting an overview of the application performance. There is a tool called Application Performance Snapshot that can provide the general performance information about your application. This includes MPI and OpenMP time and load balance information, information about memory and disk usage, most utilized MPI operations, and more.

TotalView* Debugger

For TotalView* Debugger, it is necessary to pay attention that the breakpoint should be set for all processes. There are several ways to automate procedure of setting breakpoints. Mostly it depends on how commonly it is planned to use this automation.

If it is planned to apply it only for the current program, you can create the file filename.tvd (file name being the name of the executable) in the working directory in advance and put the following line into it:


int VT_symstate (int statehandle, int * on)


Gets filter state of one state.

Set by configuration options SYMBOL, ACTIVITY.


A state may be active even if the thread logging state is off.


VTSYMSTATE( statehandle, on, ierr )

Additional API Calls in libVTcs


int VT_abort (void)


Abort a VT_initialize() or VT_finalize() call running concurrently in a different thread.

This call will not block, but it might still take a while before the aborted calls actually return. They will return either successfully (if they have completed without aborting) or with an error code.

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