Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector

Mappings in Comparison Views

It is important to compare only comparable things. When comparing two program runs you can try to compare the time that a process A.P0 spent in a function in run A to the time of another process B.P0 in run B with or without caring for the fact that B.P0 did only half of the work because run B used twice as much processes.

Project Menu

The Project menu enables you to save your working environment. The Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector does not save your environment automatically. You need to save the environment manually.

Intel® Trace Analyzer

You can perform the following actions from the Project menu:


For a flexible analysis of a trace file, look at multiple partitions of the data from various perspectives using several charts opened in the same View. A View holds a collection of Charts in a single window. The Charts of the same View use one and the same perspective on the data. This perspective is made up of the following attributes:

  • Time interval

  • Process aggregation

  • Function aggregation

  • Filters

Filtering and Tagging

Tagged cells are emphasized by a small additional frame around the cell in the color of the alphanumerical entry in the cell. A cell is tagged as soon as a single tagged message falls into that cell. Here is an example of tagging MPI_Allreduce function in Collective Operations Profile:

Imbalance Diagram Dialog Box

The Imbalance Diagram enables you to compare the performance between a real trace and an ideal trace.

Use the Imbalance Diagram total mode to see the time spent on calculation, interconnect, and imbalance as well as the time distribution between them. The diagram displays the time distribution in different colors.

Use the Imbalance Diagram breakdown mode to see:

  1. how three most time-consuming functions of the application work

Command Line Interface

The Command Line Interface (CLI) to the Intel® Trace Analyzer enables you to process trace files without a GUI.

Use the CLI to:

  • Compute profiling data automatically

  • Generate pre-computed trace caches for trace files

To enable the CLI, use --cli as the first argument to switch off the graphical user interface followed by a trace file name and any other CLI options.

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