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Details Dialog Box

The dialog box shows detailed attributes of the clicked events. Function events, messages and collective operations are shown in separate tabs. Each tab shows a list of event entries.

This dialog box is available from the context menus of the Event Timeline and the Qualitative Timeline.

Intel® Trace Analyzer

Recording Communication Events

These are API calls that allow logging of message send and receive and MPI-style collective operations. Because they are modeled after MPI operations, they use the same kind of communicator to define the context for the operation.

enum _VT_CommIDs

Logging send/receive events evaluates the rank local within the active communicator, and matches events only if they take place in the same communicator (in other words, it is the same behavior as in MPI).


Generally, every View is split into two sections: Timelines and Profiles. Use the Layout menu to organize the Charts.

Intel® Trace Analyzer

The Layout choices are available when there are two or more charts open.

The following entries are available in the Layout menu:

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