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All navigation options are also available through keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts work only when a timeline has the keyboard focus. Left-click on a timeline to give it keyboard focus. A black rectangle around the timeline indicates it has the keyboard focus.

Intel® Trace Analyzer


Context Menu

You can access the context menu by right-clicking on the Event Timeline. Some general context menu options are common to all Charts. Event Timeline provides some options that are specific to this timeline.

Intel® Trace Analyzer

Specific Event Timeline context menu options:


Comparison Collective Operations Profile

The Comparison Collective Operations Profile is similar to the regular Collective Operations Profile. The values shown in the cells are calculated using the currently selected comparison operation shown in the title of the Chart. The comparison operation can be switched from the context menu or from the settings dialog.

Regarding missing values and unmappable column or row labels the Comparison Collective Operations Profile behaves identically to the Comparison Message Profile.

What's New

This User and Reference Guide documents the Intel® Trace Analyzer 9.1 Update 1.

Intel® Trace Analyzer 9.1:

  • The document has been restructured into the User Guide and Reference Manual.

  • Configuration Assistant is now accessed through the Intel Trace Analyzer GUI. See the Configuration Assistant section for details.

  • Minor improvements and bug-fixes.

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