Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector


int VT_symstate (int statehandle, int * on)


Gets filter state of one state.

Set by configuration options SYMBOL, ACTIVITY.


A state may be active even if the thread logging state is off.


VTSYMSTATE( statehandle, on, ierr )

View Bars

For a flexible analysis of a trace file, look at multiple partitions of the data from various perspectives using several charts opened in the same View. A View holds a collection of Charts in a single window. The Charts of the same View use one and the same perspective on the data. This perspective is made up of the following attributes:

  • Time interval

  • Process aggregation

  • Function aggregation

  • Filters

Flat Profile

By default, the Flat Profile summarizes all major groups of functions and presents statistics over the processes. The exact contents of these groups depend on the group definitions stored in the trace file or you can define them by yourself. In the file poisson_icomm.single.stf, these are only MPI and Application groups.

Do This:

To Do This:



TIMER-SKIP <number> 0




Number of intermediate clock sample points, which are to be skipped when running the timertest program: they then serve as check that the interpolation makes sense.


Apart from the Settings dialog boxes of each chart, there are a number of other dialog boxes in the Intel® Trace Analyzer. All dialog boxes have the same semantics regarding the buttons OK, Cancel and Apply.

In case the current settings of the dialog boxes are inconsistent or out of bounds, the OK and Apply buttons are both disabled.

Learn more about the Intel® Trace Analyzer dialog boxes:



PCTRACE [on|off|<trace levels>|<skip levels>:<trace levels>]




off for performance analysis, on otherwise

Illegal Memory Access


This feature depends on valgrind the same way as LOCAL:MEMORY:INITIALIZATION. This check goes beyond LOCAL:MEMORY:ILLEGAL_MODIFICATION by detecting also reads and reporting them through valgrind at the point where the access happens. Disabling it might improve performance and help if the provided suppression rules do not manage to suppress reports about valid accesses to locked memory.

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