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Intel C++ Compiler 16.0 is now available in Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016

The new version Intel C++ Compiler 16.0 is now available in Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 that has launched early this week. If your support license is current you can download and install this at no additional charge from the Intel Registration Center

You will find some blog postings about some new features and new free tools.

Оптимизировали, оптимизировали, да не выоптимизировали!

Оптимизация? Конечно, каждый сталкивался с данной задачей при разработке своих, сколь-нибудь значительных, требующих определённых вычислений, приложений. При этом способов оптимизировать код существует огромное множество, и, как следствие, различных путей сделать это в автоматическом режиме с помощью опций компилятора. Вот здесь и возникает проблема – как выбрать то, что нужно нам и не запутаться?

NaN boxing







I am designing a class called Dynamic that can store many different types: a null, a boolean, a 48-bit signed integer, a 64-bit floating point, or a pointer to one of a few defined types. This object contains only one data member: a double.

Memory leak: Temporary std::set<std::string> is not deleted.

The following program:


#include <set>
#include <iostream>

std::set<std::string> Foo() {

  std::set<std::string> ret;
  return ret;

int main(int argc, char** argv) {

  while (true) {
    for(auto& s : Foo()) {
      // do nothing.

  return 0;

Leaks memory and causes my system to swap after a few seconds. This is on Linux x86_64, ICC Version 17.0.1, GCC Version 6.3.0. I compile like this:

icpc -o test test.C

MPI_Allreduce is toooo slow

I use the benchmark in Intel MPI (IMB) to measure the performance of MPI_Allreudce over a rack with 25 machines equipped with Infiniband 40G switch. (I use the latest version of parallel studio 2017 on CentOS7 with linux kernel 3.1)

mpiexec.hydra -genvall -n 25 -machinefile ./machines ~/bin/IMB-MPI1 Allreduce -npmin 25 -msglog 26:29 -iter 1000,128

ICC compiler error


I tried compile my application with mpiicpc 2017,

it gives the following error message.

": internal error: ** The compiler has encountered an unexpected problem.
** Segmentation violation signal raised. **
Access violation or stack overflow. Please contact Intel Support for assistance.

compilation aborted for *** (code 4)

Should I provide my source code to Intel development team?
(Isn't there any privacy problem here?)



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