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GPU compute offload and OpenCL support on Linux vs. Windows

I can't find a clear answer about level of support for GPU compute offload on Linux. It seems that the newest 6th generation CPUs are not supported both on Windows and Linux. Support ends with 5th generation CPUs as stated in Release Notes for Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017. Is that accurate? On the other hand, OpenCL support is better under Windows, where it reaches OpenCL 2.0 on 6th generation CPUs, whereas Linux stops at OpenCL 1.2 on 5th generation CPUs. Will there be a parity in OpenCL support anytime soon?

Specifying include files via `-I` option and via `INCLUDE` environment variable [ICL 16.0]

Problem description

I have different compilation results when specify directories to search for include files via `-I` compiler option and `INCLUDE` environment variable.


Windows 10 x64 with MSFT VS 2015 Update 2, Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 Update 2 and Windows 10 SDK 10.0.10586 installed.

Steps to reproduce

Create sample source file (name it 'sample.cpp'):

enum warnings on Windows

How do I get Intel 16 to generate warnings if I mix enum types.

# Begin

c:\Users\eda\mosekdbg>icl testenum.c
Intel(R) C++ Intel(R) 64 Compiler for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20160204
Copyright (C) 1985-2016 Intel Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Microsoft (R) Incremental Linker Version 11.00.50727.1
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.


# End

clang says

Can not find <future> library in icc compiler

Hi everyone,

When I try to use the <future> library in icc, an error shows up. Could anyone know what is the solution? I have searched for the forum and Google, but could not find any solutions. The setting up of icc and the environment is well because I have been using it for a long while.



-bash-4.1$ icc axpy_c++.cpp -std=c++11

axpy_c++_async2.cpp(10): catastrophic error: cannot open source file "future"

  #include <future>



compilation aborted for axpy_c++_async2.cpp (code 4)

warning #167: argument of type "const char *" is incompatible with parameter of type "const char *"

Using Intel 16.0.2 on Windows I get

seqbla16.c(3909): warning #167: argument of type "const char *" is incompatible with parameter of type "const char *"
              _mm_prefetch((char const *) (outvec+i),_MM_HINT_NTA);

How come 

const char *

is not compatible with

const char *





Would it be possible to get a Fallback compiler flag, for when ICL can't compile a file?

Something similar to what clang-cl has:

When clang-cl is run with the /fallback option, it will first try to compile files itself. For any file that it fails to compile, it will fall back and try to compile the file by invoking cl.exe.


Would it be possible for something similar to be implemented into the C++ compiler?


__cpuidex Linker problem linking OpenCV


I'm trying to compile the OpenCV library using VS2008 and Intel Compiler V11.

I get a linker problem as follows:

1>system.obj : error LNK2019: riferimento al simbolo esterno __cpuidex non risolto nella funzione "public: static struct cv::HWFeatures __cdecl cv::HWFeatures::initialize(void)" (?initialize@HWFeatures@cv@@SA?AU12@XZ)

I know, it's in italian, but, please, be patient.

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