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common parameter for Language Support in VS2015 with IPSXE2016



Since Intel developers announced "C11 Support in Intel C++ Compiler" (, for some reason it was not added to "C/C++ => Language [Intel C++]" menu of Visual Studio project properties (same for C++14, BTW).

vectorization of variable stride for loop

I noticed that Intel 16.0 and 16.0.1 C++ improved scalar optimization of variable stride to the point where it matches gcc and MSVC and makes the default auto-vectorization of such loops unproductive for host AVX, e.g.

foo( float * __restrict a, float * b);

#if _OPENMP >= 201307
#if ! __MIC__
#pragma omp simd safelen(1)
#pragma omp simd
      for (i = *n1; i <= i2; i__ += i3)
          a[i] += b[i];

yet the vectorization for MIC doesn't occur without pragma.

Possible compiler bug: templated code, multiple files, multiple instruction sets

Hi all,

I believe I've found a bug with the compiler - but am willing to be proved wrong <g>.

I have a project which is set up with different object files to target different instruction sets. Each of these object files instantiates some of the same templated code with different parameters:

in template_foo.h:

template <class impl_t> class Thing


   impl_t addTwo(const impl_t& a, const impl_t& b)


     return (a+b);



in SSEImplementation.cpp:

Thing<SSEImplType> x;

ICC 14.0 Compilation Error with gcc version gcc-version=332

Hi All,

My gcc version is 332 and I upgraded ICC to 14.0 . Now when I compile my code I get the error as below :

ia32/mcpcom: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

My question is  -   " IsICC 14.0 not compatible with gcc 3.3.2" . What are the problems we can face if we do not use the latest gcc.

Please note my application does not use C++ 11 features.




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